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100 Years Prior

A century ago, someone living today was born...

And they obviously existed in a completely different world then they are experiencing today.

I was at dinner a few weeks ago, and my brother, father and I were discussing the advancements of technology over the course of our lifetimes. 

The new age ease of communication was one of the most heavily discussed topics that night, and how it appears to be moving faster than any of us can handle.

It dawned on me that one day I may be looking around like a lost child in a world that I've lived  much longer on than any of the youngers who are trying to bring me up to speed...

That has to be a terribly strange feeling.

It's wild to think, but it is likely a reality considering that at times today I already feel like I have fallen behind. The pace can sometimes be a little too fast for my older fashioned ways.

Now I do have my favorites, such as Facetime which I have been on record adoring, but am still marveled at its existence as well as the existence of several other additions to our social world.

It has gotten to the point where there are no excuses to not stay in contact with others.

We have all heard the old folklore's referencing how handwritten letters were the only forms of communication, and how nowadays there is a reluctance to stay connected.

There is certainly validity in those comments because we have more opportunities then ever before to remain in tune with loved ones, yet do not always choose to use them to their greatest abilities.

Yes there are a lot of activities throughout the day that can make conversations difficult to come by, but that still does not negate the fact that phones, and computers have given us a chance to work around these obligations more readily.

On the contrary, it is not advised to be overdependent on technologies for communication, because there are elements of a true conversation that cannot be recreated in a text or an email.

Although there are so many amazing advancements, don't be shy to speak up from time to time and engage in unsolicited conversation.  There are so many things to learn and each person comes equipped with so many different patterns of life.

After these genuine conversations, the technological conversations now because enriched because you can now connect the words with a personality. 

Sarcasm can be read as extremely rude if you don't know the person's true heart.  Trust me, we've all suffered from Emoji Misinterpretation.  

Continue to utilize the benefits of these innovations, but never forget that the real deal will always remain the same and will always provide the most substantial relationships. 

Hand in hand...texts, calls, face to face conversations, and all of the other methods have the power to create stronger bonds than anyone could imagine.

It takes all the methods though, not just the convenient ones.

A text is good, a call is better, Facetime might be the best...but actually sitting down together can never be replaced.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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