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Make the 'Test'

Nothing like a semester break...but now it's back to business.

Reading, homework, activities, studying and exams.

I have always had an interesting relationship with exams dating back to my early years of elementary school.  I liked them, but not in the way you might think.

I liked to make exams.

I created my first exam before I had taken my first real exam in school.

Yes, I created an exam....Hold the applause.

Before you get too carried away with applause, let me be honest about the magnitude of this "exam"...

I had a children's almanac growing up that I used to look through from time to time. 

When I say time to time, I mean daily...and each year I would get a new one to dissect.

For whatever which reason, I decided one day that I wanted to design an exam for some students to take and evaluate what they have learned.

The only problem was the students were my siblings, and I had not taught them anything to test them on. 

Nonetheless, I was still going to make an effort to administer this exam somewhere in between all of the actual work they had to complete for their real schooling.

I went through the book and found facts that were interesting to me, compiled them, never taught them, and designed a 20 to 25 multiple choice and fill in the blank question exam. 

There was also an overly weighted extra credit question at the exams conclusion, because I was progressive...

After completing this exam, my siblings would receive a certificate that I created online and signed for them to post on their walls next to any other degrees they would obtain...

I believe I got one exam back.

I realized much later than I should have why I didn't get the exams back.  They probably had more important work to do.

I recognize the realization should have been more immediate than it was, but bear with me.

Priorities can make or break anything that we do and because of that...priorities between two parties don't always align.

I wanted them to complete my exam, they wanted to pass their classes.  Our priorities did not align.

In retrospect, I can acknowledge that it was probably wiser to please my parents with good grades then to please me by completing a 'fake' exam.

This same principle applies in many different functions of the world.

We sometimes think that our thoughts, ideas, or versions of a 'test' may be best but forget that the students may be enrolled in a different course.

The same 'assignments' can be interpreted differently...especially in the test of life.

Unlike the test I created, the right/wrong answers in life can be relatively inconsistent, and sometimes confusing.

With that, one size may not fit all...or better yet, one 'test' may not apply to everyone.

The objective is to align your 'test' with the priorities you have set for yourself.  Those are the 'tests' that you want to put forth the most efforts towards and really commit to.

When you prepare for those exams, there is an investment that you have for the topic that will allow you to study deeper and establish more concrete understandings of them.

Now before we continue, I would like the younger readers of this post to understand that this is not an excuse to get out of tests, quizzes, or exams in school.

We have all been there and understand that even if the material itself doesn't move you, the habits of studying and learning, understanding and applying, accountability and progression are all important skills for everything.

That's my short public service announcement...

Now back to the lecture at hand.

For all of those other 'tests' that life throws our way, prioritize what will serve you best and complete them.

Even when they are difficult or stressful, remember the long-term benefits, and don't fall victim to the can achieve them.

And if I ever find that exam and share it with you...

I won't be offended if it falls low on the priority list.

It has been there before...and rightfully so.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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