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Sign the Dotted Line

Art, music and sports are wonderful activities, but they are not substitutes to academics.

Sure, they are compliments to one another, but even the most artistically, musically, and athletically inclined will need to know some of the bare necessities as it pertains to academics.

I often hear of scenarios where some gifted students will be pushed towards or pushed along in one of these creative fields as a form of "help"...

"They are just so gifted anyways, they can make so much money this way" they say...

Although I can't determine the exact reasons why, I can speculate, and this type of premature advancement taking place appears to bare harsh ramifications.

It is easy to say that those students would likely choose not to partake in the educational components that may be attached to these art forms so why bother...

But once again, this premise does not hold much weight.

Even in the event that one of these students becomes overwhelmingly self-sufficient with their finances in one of these fields, the ghosts of bypassed education will always linger.

Contracts for example...

They have words and numbers on them...

The words must be analyzed and interpreted.  They also call for some critical thinking and...

...there are numbers that may need to be added and subtracted. 

Furthermore, they will need to be budgeted, adjusted, and accounted for.

If you are unable to carry out these tasks, you will be in for quite a dilemma, regardless to how artistic you are.

I'm not saying that someone would have to study Shakespearean literature and be able to quantify the most difficult of algebraic equations, but a basic understanding of both abilities will serve has a vital part to anyone's functionality within any work space.

Now could it be possible that it may be time to reassess what is being taught in schools to make sure that the most effective tools are being transmitted to the students? Sure...

Either way, an overly aggressive push towards art, music or sport for students who may be gifted or students who create too much disturbance in the otherwise institutionalized methodology of schooling seems to be a practice that does not highlight their capabilities and rather diminishes much of the possibility for those students to attain and sustain the fruits of that labor.

It would be better served to use those passions to explain the same educational principles that give them a fighting chance outside of a structured environment and provides lifelong transferable skills.

Art, music, and sports are great ways to cement ideas of standard and learning for those who sometimes are guided to them as an only way out, but...

They are not the only option.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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