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Words Unspoken

A friend of mine shared a piece of their writing with me a few minutes ago and it got me thinking about how I haven't been able to post in a while.

After small conversation regarding the piece, I started thinking about how we all have thoughts to share and sometimes bottle them up, then let them fester out of control.

Although there is good reason to let thoughts marinate until they are ready to share, overcooked meals don't taste very good either.

Does that make sense?

The idea is at some point, sharing is the next step.  Paralysis by analysis is a real place and some of the greatest ideas go there to never see the light of day.

Just think...somewhere, someone is thinking of very similar ideas, but could be waiting for someone else to say it before they engage in the conversation...

If no one ever speaks out, we can only hope that those dialogues occur on their own, which is never guaranteed.

Meaning anyone who needed those words isn't guaranteed that assistance, and subsequently we grow farther and farther apart.

I too have been guilty of this same reluctance to share, and from time to time fall back into that hole.  I can acknowledge that it can be extremely challenging to get out of that rut, but the reward is worth it.

One sentence can alter the perspective of a reader in ways that cannot be described in a 281-word post.

Own your words.  Study them.  Learn which ones positively help others and share them for the common good.

The method in which you share can vary, but the sentiments remain the same...

Your words have value.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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