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Allow me to reintroduce myself

Updated: Jan 1

My name is Prince. Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years. I'd like to welcome all my monsters back to the hottest spot on the block, Club SEBU. I have finished classes, finals and my first year of college, so now I can channel my energy back into the important things of life.

Before we get it started, I'd like to apologize for the unannounced departure from the game. Like the World's best connoisseurs (Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Eminem, Dave Chappelle, etc), sometimes a brief retirement is needed to rejuvenate our craft. But don't you worry, the Prince is back and here to stay.

In my time away, a lot has changed with me. I would like to use this post as a reintroduction of the one and only; new and improved; the oh so daring artist currently known as Prince. Although I still stand at 6'0" and still weigh in as the skinniest man on the track and field team (allegedly), I have finally decided to take a larger step into adulthood and decided to grow out a full functioning man beard. Now I know it is devastating and shocking to hear that this adorable baby-face has been invaded by hair in the chin region, but all I can tell you is that it is Human Nature, and it was going to happen eventually. For those of you who are really uncomfortable with the new me, don't worry, I like to keep my beard to a modest 10 -15 (depending on how many I count) strands of hair as a tool to make this transition a little smoother. I hope you appreciate this gesture.

Furthermore, I'd like to elaborate on a statement made earlier. It read, in reference to my appearance, "still weigh in as the skinniest man on the track and field team (allegedly)" (Allow me to reintroduce myself). I am sure you are wondering why I parenthesized 'allegedly', in what seems to be an obviously true statement. Here's where I strike you with some knowledge. In the eyes of the team, I am the skinniest, but through my eyes, I have past that stage of life and am just inches away from LeBron James status. This is because I look deeper than the skin for I am not shallow. It took me some time to realize the truth, but I now understand that the "skinny Prince" is nothing but a mere illusion of the mind. I forgive those who have yet to see the light, better yet, see the weight.

What else is new? Well since you asked, I will share. I am 19 years old now as of April 8th, 2010. Hard to believe, but I am less than a year away from being a 20 year old. Scary thought. Unfortunately, my birthday was a disappointing for the 19th year in a row. Each year, I have tried to use my birthday as a tool to push me forward in my efforts to becoming the King. I try to get people to understand how grand my reign would be, but each year my totalitarian motives are discouraged. Besides that, I am always told "Richie, you know your brother is King". After the SEBU-lympics 2010, they will be singing a new tune. Until then I will continue to sing along with Simba, as I just can't wait to be King.

It was nice to waste time with you again. As much as you missed me, I missed you monsters more. Actually you probably did miss me more, but that's for another blog. This really wasn't anything too flashy, but you monsters have been waiting for some time, and I just wanted to deliver a little bit of that addicting funk. As I listen to my Lauryn Hill, and boil some hot water for my next posts, I ask that you get down with your bad self in honor of the resurrection of the finest Club in the universe. I give you my hand to hold as we plunge into a bath of marvelous stories and scenarios that have changed the face of the blogging World. Haw, Be Ready. Hope you enjoy, and until next time, rhythm is a dancer, it's the soul's companion.

Long Live The Prince

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