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Bow Down to The Prince

Updated: Jan 1

Monsters all over the world. Big and small, girl or boy, student or dropout. Buffalo has made sure that I have been quite busy for the last couple months, but have no fear because your beloved Prince is back. It has been far too long since we last spoke. I just hope that you missed me a little while I was gone.

On May 7, 2010, I asked that you all allowed me to reintroduce myself and today I ask if I could do the same. I am The Prince. I am now a Sophomore at the University at Buffalo, just holding it down for the Team SEBU Headquarters stationed in Western NY. Between school, my job as a Resident's Adviser (4th floor please rise), and my new sport, basketball (still got love for my track family too), Team SEBU has certainly seen a more versatile Prince than ever before. Unfortunately through this, I began to lose touch with the livest club of them all, Club SEBU. I know my monsters all over the world missed me, but I may have missed you more. Doubtful, but a possibility.

I understand that this post is awfully short, but don't worry, I am back. I also understand you may be upset and expected much more, but you have my word, I will supply the goods very, very soon. Give me some time to sharpen my craft. I am making a comeback just like Kanye, and just like 'Ye, no one man should have all this power. But since we do, we will continue to revolutionize the music and blog world, respectively. I beg you to prepare yourself...The Prince is here, and the time is now. Until next time, don't look down, it's an impossible view.

Long Live The Prince

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