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Club SEBU Shout of the Week

Updated: Jan 1

While riding home from my Aunt's house today with my right hand man and the Boogey (Big L and Boogey-D respectively), I reached out for some assistance. I sincerely asked them if they had any idea who should receive the often celebrated Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week.

As I listened to my brother secretly suggest himself while my sister mashed away at the keyboard of her cell phone as she vigorously texted the "Fo'", the recipient of the week struck me like a Bolt of Usain.

Any guess? Times up.

This weeks Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week is reserved for none other than the Boogiest of them all. Divine "Boogey-D" Sebuharara. Congratulations to you and your family, this is a tremendous achievement.

When she is not sleeping (extremely rare), Boogey-D likes to spend her time viewing our posts here at Club SEBU Inc. She also sets aside 'awake time' to post social interviews on Facebook, with raving reviews of the Club. She sometimes has to be reminded, yet she always devotes precious time to enjoy the posts. These are ideal actions of a Club member. We do not only appreciate her enthusiasm and fidelity, we also encourage this in our younger viewers. Boogey-D, you are a trend-setter and I thank you.

Once more, Congratulations Boogey-D for your impressive approach ability to always lend a helping hand. You've made your way from a Tiny Star to a Galaxy of Brilliance.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Long Live The Fans

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