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Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week

Updated: Jan 1

Hello my little monsters. It's Friday again, and you know what that means. This week's recipient was an easy one to chose. As I sat down with the officials of Club SEBU Inc., we came to a unanimous decision.

This weeks winner is my fellow Section IV-er, Brendan Nugent.

Now back in Section IV, CV Warriors and Golden Bears do not get along. Here in the Dirty Buff, we are like two peas in a pod. I am not exactly sure what that means but it sounds good.

Mr. Nugent has been a regular at the Club SEBU Headquarters and we welcome him with opened arms. As the first non-Sebu to win this award, he has become a pioneer and a positive advocate for the Club.

Brendan, congratulations on this distinguished honor and your loyalty to the Club. Until next time, rock rock to the Planet Rock.....don't stop.

Long Live The Fans

"reading this is my favorite way to procrastinate on homework" (Nugent, Facebook)

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