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Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week

Updated: Jan 1

Second Saturday in a row. I know fans, I am slacking. I'll be back on my game next Friday. Anyways, let's get this show on the road shall we?

This week, the Club is honored and privileged to give out the award. I hope the other recipients do not take offense to this, but this weeks winner has done a marvelous job that has definitely inspired me to continue dominating the Blogworld. The Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week goes to...

Drum roll please

Camille Ginyard. Congratulations! After years of vaulting over tremendous heights, you have reached the pinnacle of existence. Ms. Ginyard is a regular in the Club and has frequently showed allegiance to Team SEBU. Camille also impressed Club SEBU officials with her uncanny ability to recite direct quotes from the Blog, precisely how they were written. This is a skill that one could only dream to harness.

Once more, Congratulations Ms. Ginyard, for your most recent accomplishment. You have entered the land of prestige and we are glad to have you here.

Until next time...there's a She-Wolf in your closet.

Long Live The Fans

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