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Club SEBU Shout Out of the Week

Updated: Jan 1

This week we have our first criminal as a recipient. The honoree of the week is a two time Club SEBU Shout Out offender.

Unlike any other crime in the world, one is rewarded for a crime like this. I encourage this kind of law-breaking. It makes a much more beautiful living environment for everyone.

I am honored as well as privileged to announce this week’s Club SEBU Shout Out to none other than the King himself. The self-proclaimed “L-Murda”: Loic Sebuharara.

To receive this award twice is almost as impossible as flying, or beating me in a steel cage match (this will never happen). King LaJuic has accomplished a phenomenal feat.

The King has given me numerous suggestions to enhance the Club SEBU experience such as adding more pictures to the Club’s Facebook group, so fans can see The Artist Currently Known as Prince. He has also been giving full analysis and feedback on every blog I have written since the early stages of my blogging career. I commend him on his efforts to stay on top of the most important electronic scripture to date, which is Club SEBU.

Congratulations yet again Dr. Sebuharara. With this achievement, you have reached doctoral status in our institution. Your commitment has been the best non-textual dissertation I have ever witnessed.

Bow down to the, bow down to the King. (Triple H Clause)

Until next time, keep working on your free throws.

Long Live The Fans

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