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Updated: Jan 1

Welcome back fans. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I'm here to save the world again.

If you can't tell by my excessive Facebook status changes, I am back in Vestal. Home of the Prince. I arrived home last Friday and was welcomed by my loving family, the ones who were home at least, (shout outs to The Lord of Darkness and Mama Andrea), and a task set by my brother. I didn't initially know what the task was, yet my brother lured me in to accepting it with a nice romantic dinner at Nirchi's Pizzeria.

He asked me ever so nicely to aid him in shoveling his driveway. Vestal had endured a healthy snow storm, and I felt obligated to help in its reconstruction. He gave no details and I said I'd help.

Despite my always hungry 160 lbs frame, clearly I had bit off way more than I can chew in the waist high driveway snow. As my mother and I switched shovel shifts, my brother watched on contently, basking in the glory of yet again outsmarting me. Feeling bad for my mother, I let her sit in the car as I shoveled away the snow. An hour had past, and I had not completed any more than a 8 by 2 foot path, surrounded by a much larger snow-filled driveway. Did I finish the driveway you ask? Absolutely not. A riot was necessary. I was no longer going be regarded as a work horse by all the neighbors looking and laughing. I threw the shovel and said enough was enough. My brother would have to deal with it himself.

Actually a family friend came by and informed us that he would not mind clearing the driveway out with a big truck otherwise known as a Backhoe. Such a kind man. Bless his heart, although he interfered with my most recent boycott attempt.

When I got into the house, my brother once again tricked me into doing more busy work. This time he played an array of Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa and Madonna music, and let the rhythm soak into my skin throughout my bloodstream. Once the funk hit my nervous system, I was indulged in its fury and experienced the natural high, more commonly know as "The Gushie Stuff". Out of my element and getting my dance on, my brother instructed me to help take down "wallpapes". As he stripped wall after wall and laughed at my misfortune, I began to realize that this break that the University at Buffalo gave me has turned into a experiment for The Bad Guy (my brother) and I was the primary lab rat. Just to give you an idea of how difficult it was, my brother cleared an accumulative 1 whole wall before I completed 6 inches of "wallpapes". Embarrassing, I know.

As you can see, my time here in Vestal has been filled with jobs, duties, and tasks. Although it has been difficult and humiliating to be continually outsmarted by The Bad Guy, time with the family is what I live for. After all the snow in my shoes and paper cuts on my fingers, I still know that the minute I wake up Sunday and prepare to go back to Buffalo, I will miss Vestal. Hopefully when I come back next time, I will be the one to outsmart and embarrass my brother. I hope he's ready. Until next time get into the groove.

Long Live The Prince

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