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Updated: Jan 1

I had a few spare minutes today while waiting in line of the grocery store, and decided to compile a list of the world's worst inventions.

I started with passwords for online logins.  I'm not talking about the passwords themselves...those are great...I am talking about the password requirements.  Need a number, need a symbol, can't use any of the last 3, etc, etc.  All of these specifics frustrate me, especially considering I am a "one password for everything" kind of guy, since I can barely remember the first one.

I then moved on to Daylight Savings time; the one where we lose an hour.  I am not much of a scientist, but I am not too sure on why this is necessary.  Now I vaguely remember hearing about the Earth and Sun rotations, and something about the daytime in different hemispheres, but that still hasn't ever prepare me for changing my clocks and losing that sleep.  Furthermore, I don't like this invention either.

Once I placed my items on the conveyor belt, and got passed the thought of these two inventions, the third and quite frankly the worst of them all crossed my mind.

I only had a few things, maybe 6 items, while the lady in front of me had about the same amount of items left to scan.  Once my last item was place on the conveyor belt, she raced to grab one of those plastic dividers and placed it right in the middle of the 2 foot gap I left between her goods and mine.

And that is my least favorite invention ever...those grocery dividers.

I can understand the purpose of them, but are they really a necessity?  I don't know why I have this irrational disdain for such a trivial device, but how hard is it to decipher what is mine and what is yours?

I could understand the need for these dividers if I just dumped my groceries with no regard, right on top of all the groceries ahead, patiently waiting for a new home.  Or if I recklessly integrated my groceries with the person's in front of me, as an invitation to the cashier to play a game of "Which Groceries are Mine?"

Neither one has ever been a practice of mine, or anyone I've ever seen.  I struggle to believe that this level of savagery has ever truly manifested itself in a grocery store.

But on the flip side, what if it has?  Maybe there is some grocery store barbarian who behaves the way described above and the dividers are the only way to stop them.

To that, I raise the notion that a simple conversation with the civilized customer in front, clarifying which belongings are theirs can and will clear up any sort of confusion, further defending my claim that these dividers are a waste. 

And plus, if such a barbarian ever does comes into a grocery line, these dividers are not going to put a pause to their may even trigger it.

So then I was forced to question the origin.  For example, I can understand how the idea to create a light-bulb or a cell phone could cross someone's mind; a grocery divider, I cannot.

What did the conveyor belts look like before these were invented?  How stressful was it for people to separate their belongings without the visual insurance of these dividers?  How frustrated did it make the inventor when they would see groceries side by side without any form of barrier?

Probably just as bothered as I am seeing someone rush for it, but I digress...

I will give the smallest of congratulations to said inventor for creating a revenue stream for them and their families.  I applaud creativity...

But quite frankly, it still makes me cringe.  That being said, if it is part of your grocery routine, and it is the first thing you do every time, more power to you...

But to those customers who jump on top of the moving conveyor belt, crushing their eggs and bread beneath their feet, just to slam that divider in between our otherwise already separated groceries...

I promise I won't try to sneak my groceries with yours.

And if I did, what would be my reasoning to even be at the store in the first place?  That's essentially like me leaving my groceries on the shelves they came from, or not even going into the store at all, which in turn would completely defeat the entire purpose of my venture.  I went there to buy stuff and take them home, not to watch you take them with you.

Trust me, no one is going to go through the hassle of shopping, just to put their stuff with yours and walk out empty handed.

So as the cashier handed me my receipt, and I decided that I was going to write about this, I came to no conclusion whatsoever.

I still do not understand why two groups of groceries have to be divided by a cheap piece of plastic.  I wouldn't want to lessen anyone's peace of mind that may be achieved from this divider;  I just don't see how stressful life would be without them.

Like I said above, it's not like the customers and the cashier couldn't just quickly sort out any confusion...

Or maybe that's what it is...

Maybe that simple interaction is just that scary, and the only thing that can save us is that plastic wall...

In the mean time, enjoy your groceries if they made it home, go buy some if this post reminded you that you need to, and keep an eye out for those barbarian shoppers.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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