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Elbow Grease

Updated: Jan 1

As many of you already know, I am a versatile human, a character of many traits, a Renaissance man if you will. In my week home, I have harnessed another wonderful talent.

Fresh off of my freshmen year in college, no pun intended, my brother did not hesitate to put me to work immediately upon my arrival. Despite an ailing eyeball, I decided that I am a warrior and will be able to work just as efficiently no matter the current state of my vision. In actuality, I am STILL only tipping the scales at 160 lbs to my brother's 175 lbs, and felt that disputing his requests could end up bad for me. A hint of fear definitely drove my decision.

When I arrived at his Den, he directed me to the master bedroom and told me I would be applying a second coat of paint to the wall. He described the painting as a pretty easy task that shouldn't take too long. As he left for work with a smile on his face, I was eager to start working.

I proceeded to turn on my music and ready myself for the upcoming endeavor. Little did I know, I was no where near prepared for this. For the next 5 hours, I sat in an empty room filled with nothing more than an intoxicating aroma and paint splatters on every part of my body. What was supposed to be a relaxing yet productive way to spend my day turned out to be a disaster. To make matters even worse, I knew accepting this job had officially made me the Den's designated painter.

Although the circumstance at hand initially seemed horrible for me, I learned that my skills as a painter were unprecedented. I realized that I actually enjoyed painting now that I understood I was the MVP. Most Valuable Painter. I saw that my precision and accuracy was not only impressive to say the least, it was something I began to take a lot of pride in. I have become one with the paint brush and there was no stopping me. In 5 hours, painting has become my calling and another bullet on my resume.

If you had made it this far in my self-realization, you are probably, yet again upset with my ability to lure you into pointless and ridiculous stories. I cannot apologize since at any point this page could have been exited out. Why one would ever do that is completely besides me. Furthermore, I hope you enjoyed your stay at Club SEBU. It was my pleasure to host you. This should be a big summer for Club SEBU so stay tuned. Until next time, M2, it's a way of life.

Long Live The Prince

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