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Facebook Anonymous 2.0: What's your status?

Updated: Jan 1

Where do I start? Facebook has taken the world by storm. It is the epitome of pop culture today. There is one thing that could possibly give Facebook a run for its money...Facebook statuses. I understand that the statuses are a part of Facebook, but they have taken on a life of their own. Over time, I've realized that everyone has a status, all of which lack originality and uniqueness. While surfing "the Book" (credits to King Loic for that nickname), I began to gather data to formulate my dissertation...What's Your Status : The case of Facebook.

One Blog would not serve justice for my flawless dissertation. I will in fact bullet some key facts I picked up on.

The first thing I observed was probably the most common status genre I saw.

  • Song Lyrics

I noticed that everyone has a favorite song, and feels the need to share it with everyone who comes across their page. Through further analysis, I realized that it wasn't just their favorite line or two, it was much deeper than that. I found that all the lyrics depict immense feelings such as love and hate. The common theme was that everyone hates love. This brings me to my next discovery.

  • Everyone wants to be single

It seems like a ridiculous claim at first, but there is a lot of truth behind this. Whether it be the latest Taylor Swift break-up song, a pre-Abusive Chris Brown tune, or a couple of lines from "Kim" by Eminem...everyone is tired of relationships. These statuses are usually followed by cute little symbols to properly express the necessary emotion (:( ). Those are the most commonly used symbols. Take note and avoid these. You will be subject to ridicule if you do not take this advice. You've been warned.

  • Text/Hang out with me

I hope you aren't embarrassed. You shouldn't be because we have all been guilty of this one. These usually occur on days where you haven't received any notifications, text messages, or just need someone to converse with. These could be as blatant as ending your status with one of the following: txt me, call me, or hit me up. Some Facebookers chose to camouflage their loneliness with more subtle statuses such as: "who wants to go bowling?, bout to go to the basketball game, who's all going?, or my personal favorite, "bored". Each one shows different interests but the same underlying meaning..."I am in need of social interaction".

I hope you enjoyed my introspective yet brief piece on Facebook statuses. I have just touched the tip of the iceberg on this topic and have left the floor open to discussion. Furthermore I would like to assure you that in my statuses, I strive to make articulate and thought-provoking statements derived from a long line of experience. In all actuality my statuses are as meaningless as anyone else. Nevertheless, keep likeing and commenting on them because it does bring slight happiness and gratification on the plethora of brilliant statuses crafted by the Prince.

As always my beloved fans and adored monsters, thank you for your time. I hope no one has taken offense to this post as that was not my initial intent. If so, there is nothing I can do. I'm only human. (Will You Be There, Free Willy Soundtrack). Until next time, I am the man of the hour...for 24 hours.

Long Live The Prince

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