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First Day of School

Updated: Jan 1

Almost every preschool teacher can attest to this.

On the first, first day of school of these young students lives, there is one thing that can almost be guaranteed...

There may be tears....and they may last all day.

If they aren't crying, they are most likely awkwardly silent, not interested or entertained by anything that anyone has to say.

If you're lucky, you'll get the kids who essentially could have driven themselves to school, and integrate perfectly with the new environment with no hesitation. 

Don't bank on this, as it is highly unlikely.

In these scenarios, you get to see one of life's most important lessons...Loss.

Although it may seem strange, loss is necessary in our development.

Referring back to the initial conversation, let's take a look at the young preschooler who is snot-glazed crying for the entire day.

When you think of pre-preschool life, most kids aren't doing much of anything.

Their food is always ready, their diapers are always changes, their always on someone's lap, and their only real job is to breathe.  Everything is taken care of for them.  For these kids, there is an abundance of all necessities and even luxuries.  

And then school comes.

As do the water works.

If you were to tell me, for the next 5 years I would not have any responsibilities, I would have food brought to me, would not have to walk, and could sleep anywhere I felt like sleeping....

I would cry too when you decided to take that away.

It is only when we lose something that we appreciate how much it meant to us in the first place.  The child doesn't recognize all of the benefits of being a child until they are restricted and they can no longer just blow spit bubbles for 12 hours and sleep for the next 12.

It's hard to imagine a life without something that you always have, that's why it is so important to experience hardship in some way, shape or form.

For instance, let's call upon sports to drive home this idea.

There's always an athlete that was just born to do whatever sport it is that they participate in.  Their body fits, their abilities are top notch, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

The stars align to make this beautiful, seemingly flawless story.  The only issue with this, is there will be a delusion of reality.

The reality of life is that sometimes you will lose. 

It's not so much about losing; it's more about what do you do when you are losing.  Do you cheat? Do you place blame on others? Do you cry? 

Or do you learn?

It is vital that in any losing situations, we figure out how to respond.  It is okay to be upset about it, but what is the next step?  You don't want to dwell on anything for too long, because it won't make anything better.

Once again, the beautiful thing about loss is it allows you to appreciate the 'lost' item.  As long as you allow it to, it can also bring a new perspective and hopefully encourage you to seek out positive ways to attain those feelings.  These are all decisions we can make.

So for all of my reader about to start preschool, listen and listen carefully....

When you get dropped off to school, it may be scary, and it may be different.  You probably won't know anyone, and this is may be the first real 'loss' you experience.  With all that said, be strong, and look for any way to make your experience worth while.  Make a friend, color some paper, or play some games.  Whatever you do, embrace the temporary loss, build your self , understand that learning is the key to moving on, and please, please, please don't eat paste.  Eating away feelings doesn't really work.

And plus, crying for mom, won't make her come back any earlier than when preschool is over.  Stick it out.  It builds character.

I'm good for now, as my eyes grow weary at this late hour.  Good night all.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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