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First day: Part II

Updated: Jan 1

Well I originally thought that I would only write one brief one, but this is kind of addictive. It is about 12:57 in the morning and I am watching NBA Fastbreak on TV (one of my favorite shows). I should probably be sleeping but I want to entertain Club SEBU a little. With that in mind, ill take you on a small trip through my day. On second thought, ill just summarize the highlights.

After eating breakfast this morning, I went to the weight room to get strong and ready for the track season. After a long hard workout, I came to the same conclusion that I have been coming to at the end of every college workout; my wiry thin, 6 foot frame is far weaker than probably anyone in the world. It stinks but hey, somebody has to be the weakest and I hold that title with pride and no competition. I'm trying though. Eventually ill be able to out bench the girls.

So after a couple of classes, I headed to track practice. We were running 150 meters. Considering my threshold is somewhere around 25-40 meters, I was not looking forward to it. But once again, there was no choice but to get the job done.

I know I cut this short, but I am tired and I am still new at this. It is 1:10 am and Lady GaGa is waiting for me in my dreams. Goodnight world.

Long Live The Prince

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