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Guess who's back?

Updated: Jan 1

Hello little boys and little girls.

The Prince is back....hold the applause.

It has certainly been some time since we last spoke but it is good to be back. During the hiatus, a lot of good has presented itself. I am currently enjoying the most wonderful season of the world; World Cup season. This is when I get to dust off the old cleats and shin guards, and wow spectators with my sub-par and rusty soccer skills. At times I believe I could be the next Lionel Messi or Didier Drogba, but then I remember actually playing soccer and realize how bad I've become and how it is probably better that I leave that sport to them and focus on Club SEBU. There's no one who can write a blog like me. I'm something like a King in the Blogworld. Maybe a Prince (pun intended). Furthermore, considering the World Cup only occurs every 4 years, I am exceptionally giddy when it arrives. Although the ending was a tad disappointing this year, I would like to take this time to gives some thanks. Thank you to Cristiano Ronaldo for the extraordinary skill to match his perfectly coiffed hair. Thank you to Ghana for lasting as long as you did. You made the motherland proud. And last but certainly not least, thank you Alexi Lalas. Actually, we should all thank him for, despite working with analysts with very strong accents, and unique cadences, being the only one who made little to no sense in all of his appearances and giving us all the hope of one day becoming a wealthy sports journalist in a sport that we clearly aren't as familiar with as some may seem. I saw right through you Mr. Lalas, but if it makes you feel any better, Alexi Lalas > kobe. Sorry, but that's just how the cookies crumble.

Another addition to my day to day life is M2. This is a crucial part of my individuality. What is M2 you ask? It is a movement. It is an establishment. It is a heartbeat, and the blood needed to operate eternal existence. M2 is a way of life as well as the name of my summer basketball team. Although we are going through some tough times as a team, I still enjoy every bit of it. It is only a matter of time before M2 takes over the world along side Mikhail Prokhorov and Team SEBU. 2012 will not be the end of the world, it will be the beginning of new generation. Nets Nation, M2, and Team SEBU please rise as we prepare for battle. You heard it first and have been warned.

Now that I think about it, give us until 2014 since the losses have become a little too familiar with us. But as always, we shall prevail.

Any who, on to the next one.

I also just finished my third week of my summer job. To set it off, I will inform you on what I do. I work at a local playground as a park instructor for kids ranging from the ages of 5 to about 14. Despite the minor adjustment of waking up each morning at 7:45, the weeks have been marvelous. Considering the days prior I was waking up around 10:30 everyday just to sit in the living room and accomplish nothing all day, I feel like I have made the right career choice. Not only that, I am having fun doing it. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. (No birds were harmed in the crafting of this post).

As I sit here on my computer, I realize that my eyes are burning from the lack of sleep I have been receiving this week. I do apologize, but I will not give up on Club SEBU and should be posting for months, possibly years to come. In essence, I ask for you to sit tight and enjoy the ride. The Prince is here to stay. Like always thank you little monsters for your precious time. Until next time that wasn't me Rhonda.

Long Live The Prince

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