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Hello NCAA,

Updated: Jan 1

To whom it may concern,

Would it be a problem if they worked?

Maybe a couple hours a week, put some money in mom’s purse.

Now not a hand out, but with their own two hands.

Yet somehow, do you think that would upset the man?

Now I know that some have full paid tuition,

But not all have one, so there’s a point you might be missing.

There's several students who've earned full rides academically,

They have the option to work, now that’s the difference see,

They're 'student-athletes', which means they're athlete first.

It’s a full-time job, just not with all the perks.

No time away, less holidays with families.

They love the sports, but unfortunate it can be.

Now don’t just take this as a shameless plea,

Just listen for a second, and maybe you’ll see.

There’s a whole lot of money being made on their backs,

March madness and bowl games make bank, that’s a fact.

So, what about allocating some to the side,

To provide a work space for some kids to find.

Maybe I'm wrong, and it may already exist.

If that's not the case, well then, what is the risk?

Sure, not all kids will love it, but some of them will,

Professional athletics just won’t pay the bills.

Like the graphics, you showed us, remember the percentages,

So rather than tee-shirts, how about some real-life incentives?

How about some jobs that take them off the field?

Around the campus, and we’ll make a deal.

If their performance drops, on either of the parts,

Well then, like in the real world, conversations start.

‘Am I doing too much?’ ‘Can I handle the task?’

“But we’re looking out for you,” that’s simply just a mask,

Let’s face the fact, the leagues are very profitable.

Standards and rules; only schools are accountable.

Countless violations, too many to check,

Not enough money, but you’re tax exempt.

Millions of dollars, made in a year,

Several endorsements, yet your only fear,

Is using a penny to help your employees,

Cause they’re not student-athletes, that word's just to please.

I repeat it again, not a halfhearted cry,

Just a simple request, a suggestion to try.

Take some of the money, that they have earned you,

Give them a space, so they can earn too.

Jobs in the off season, managers review.

Like a part-time job, or like work study’s do.

This way they're learning and setting up a base,

Establishing some capital, some ground in the race,

After we graduate, when searching for jobs,

One that none of these tee-shirts will help us on.

So, there’s my statement, I just had to say,

We’ll do the work, you think you could pay?

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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