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Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

Updated: Jan 1


Let's say I was a teacher in an elementary school.  Naturally as a teacher, I had some students.  Within this group of students, let's imagine that there were some children that I was not too fond of.  We'll say that it wasn't necessarily anything that they did, but something that I felt their parents did.  With that, let's say that I required them to do more homework and classwork to assure that they were up to par with the rest of the class.  Knowing the entire scenario, would my practice be morally sound?

How about this one.

Now I am promoted by my employer.  Before the promotion, there's a group of employees that I felt were unfit for the positions they held.  We will say that I had assumptions on their lives outside of work and felt that they had family members, or friends who didn't make wise decisions.  The employees that I was now managing were beyond qualified and quite upstanding, but through my own insecurities, I decided that we may need to move in a different direction.  Would my reasoning be justified?

Okay, last one.

Now back to elementary school.  We will say I was bullied.  Day in and day out, one particular person found every possible way to make my day miserable.  A lot of name calling, and teasing.  As time passed, let's say that we lost touch and never spoke again.  Furthermore, let's say deep into adulthood, I started to treat everyone who reminded me of this bully like trash, regardless of the different circumstances that we were now in.  This could be anyone who looked, dressed, or even shared a similar name as said bully.  At what point would you question if my feelings are directed at the right source?  At what point would you say "Richie, you might want to let this go, I think you are the problem now."?

Just some questions...

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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