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I Promise They Won't Speak

Updated: Jan 1


It's me.

Now I've been wondering about this next issue for quite some time, but have failed to properly verbalize it.  Once and for all, here is my attempt.

So my parents have a dog....his name is Simba.  Simba and I haven't always seen eye to eye.  Some times he can be a little ridiculous in his requests, demanding in his approach, and invasive in others' space.  Early on, these characteristics became problematic, as I had no intentions of trying to understand why he would do what he did.  This created a rift in the relationship.

My resistance towards Simba, and all animals for that matter was based off the fact that I could never communicate with them and they could never communicate with me.  How could I trust that?  Being the conversationalist that I some times call myself, lack of discussion can be uncomfortable for me, especially if in close quarters with other inhabitants.  For example, if I chose to engage in a simple conversation with Simba  ('stop', 'go away', 'leave me alone', etc,), it becomes very apparent that Simba is not grasping the concepts, and will simply tilt his head, then blatantly disrespect my suggestions.

Furthermore, I have come to the conclusion that it is more than just the verbal communication that is necessary.  I have recognized that there indeed could be a connection to squash this unruly, slightly one-sided beef, if the effort was made.  I noticed that once we set our differences aside, Simba and I have a lot in common.  We both like the outdoors, sleep is very important to us, and neither one of us likes to wear ridiculous seasonal outfits, no matter who says it looks good. Blacks, greys and whites are fine with us.

Once I began to focus more on his movements and the undeniable energy throughout different scenarios, I was forced to accept the fact that there is a level of understanding in him.  He is aware of routines, familiar with regular guests, and overall, a pretty decent guy.  There was no heart to heart.  No dialogue.  This was strictly observation and respecting of space. 

As I'm sure you can all conclude at this point, Simba and I have a much healthier relationship.  We are friends.  It is remarkable to see how far we have come, and even more astonishing that it never got nasty.  Peace is valuable.

So as I come to a close on yet another realization of life, I'd like to propose a toast to my dear friend Simba.  Thank you for your patience, and maturity throughout this process.  Although you cannot speak, and will never speak, I now know that we can be friends, if we set aside our differences, and take the time to just get to know each other.  You are a stand up guy, Simba.  Stay classy.

Now just imagine if we could do this with people.

Anyways, it has been real sitting with you all again.  Go ahead and get back to whatever task you should have been doing in these couple of minutes.  You're a beautiful audience. I appreciate you lending an ear. 

Until next time,

Long Live The People

One more thing...

If you are reading this Simba, I have wrote a song for you to commemorate our friendship, and will release it soon.  I hope you enjoy it, although simply understanding the English language would suffice in my book. Take care.

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