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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Updated: Jan 1

...who is the Boogiest of them all?

In a landslide, unanimous decision, Divine "Boogey-D" Sebuharara wins. Congrats but this is not the substance of this post. This is in regard to the Summer of 2010.


Recently, the Javelin specialist, Boogey-D expressed to me that in a Javelin throwing contest she would not only beat me, but she would make it look easy doing it. At the time the statement served as a good laugh, but later on developed a rage within me.

As you may already know, there is nothing I love more than knocking off SEBU's in various competitions to fuel my dominance as the superior SEBU. Quite frankly, Boogey-D does not understand my determination. She will learn.

After I demolish you Buffalonians' proclaimed King, LaJuic, in the 100- and 200-meter dashes and happy feet my way to the finish line, I will smash Boogey-D in our Javelin head to head. Leaving everything on the field and showing nothing more than an innocent smile, I will simply tell her "I told you".

At this point, you all probably assume that I am arrogant, cocky, and an egomaniac. I won't say that I am not, but I will say that I am merely stating the facts and will prove it once and for all come the 2010 SEBU-lympics. Boogey-D: feel free to back down now, just as your brother most likely will, when he sees my Asafa Powell like explosion out of the blocks followed by Usain-esque speed and composure throughout the race. If not, you should understand that I will NOT let you win, and will more than likely try to embarrass you. All is fair in love and winning.

You can have academics and modeling, but in the SEBU household, athletics is mine and I will do anything to take that crown.

Punch your tickets now my little monsters. It will be a show indeed. I just hope my siblings don't mind wearing silver. Until next time call me rude boy.

Long Live The Prince

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