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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...2.0

The clock struck about 6:30 am this morning and I knew it was time for me to get up and launch.

I know it has been a long time, and I apologize, but...the Club SEBU Podcast is finally here.  It has been quite the process, recording, editing, and publishing.

In vintage Club SEBU fashion, I hit a roadblock and was left with no other option but to jump over it...

Or struggle/crawl my way over; which would be a much more indicative way to describe the series of events that transpired throughout this morning's uploading process.

To lay the groundwork of today's endeavor, I had the voice overs recorded and appeared to be ready to go...the only thing left to do, was add the musical styling of some of my favorite emcees.

I figured it would be a quick task that I could take care of, then possibly head back to bed and catch some more sleep before beginning my day.

As 8:45 am came and went, I realized that I hadn't moved out of my bed for over 2 hours, or removed my eyes from the Netflix shows I found myself binge watching...

I recognized that I should get up and start, or something may go wrong.

And that is exactly what happened...everything went wrong.

I casually got out of bed, got myself cleaned up, then proceeded to casually start my day...only to be reminded that 'sooner than later' is typically always most beneficial.

I also learned that I still am not as technologically savvy as I often pretend to be.

Everything was deleting itself, nothing would upload properly, songs were overlapping even though I did not give them the permission to do so.

Now I wasn't sure if this was the computer acting up, or if it was my human error creating the problems.  Apparently I have no jurisdiction on how my computer operates, so naturally I was becoming very frustrated.

On the verge of smashing my computer and immediately regretting it, I decided it was probably best if I stepped away from the keyboard.

In my self-instructed timeout, I looked into a mirror and I dialed a confidant for a good old fashion rant, via cell phone.

For those of you who have not been on the receiving end of one of these 'discussions', consider yourself lucky. They can be long winded, and I rarely run out of words.  I've practiced for many years.

As I rambled and rambled, I hear a petite yet ever calming voice on the other line say "just keep will work out", paraphrasing of course, because I was talking too much to grasp the entire quote.

This short and simple phrase brought clarity and peace of mind, while relaxing me greatly.  It brought perspective through the turbulence.

I was clearly trying to control things that were out of my hands, and needed to hear it from someone else, and for that, I am grateful.  I thank you, oh mighty are appreciated, more than you know.

I can only imagine what the phone call would have sounded like, had I made the decision to make my computer pay for the errors of technology and really smashed my laptop. That would have been embarrassing, and probably a post much later in the future.

As the conversation continued, and my annoyance decreased dramatically, I looked over to my computer and realized that the episode had properly uploaded the way that I had originally intended for it to.  It took the long route...two or three times over, but eventually got to the finish line.

As you can see, I can write about these scenarios as much as I want, but that does not remove me from nature.  I, too still have moments of micromanaging, and in those times, I, too must recognize it.

Sometimes you have to look into the mirror and see firsthand that you may need some assistance.  That's the first step, and that's never wrong, it is just real life.  Take advantage of the opportunity to help others, but don't forget that sometimes you can look out for yourself as well.  Take a moment for you today.  It's the weekend and you've earned it.

There are people out here willing to help.  All you have to do is ask.

Well, I have said enough for now and I want to go ahead and post everything.

Check out the podcast on my YouTube or SoundCloud channel and you can also subscribe via iTunes.  I'll leave the links below...

I hope these are helpful...listen if you're moved to.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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