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Ode to Green Juice

Updated: Jan 1

It has been over two months since I arrived in Buffalo. I have yet to be home or see anyone in my family except my sister at Buffalo State twice (shout outs to Boogey D). Not only that, Terrell Owens has yet to return any of my calls since I have been up here. We were supposed to do lunch sometime, maybe catch a movie. Apparently he's gotten too bougie and can't talk to me anymore, but that is for another blog. Most importantly, I have not had an opportunity to even see my precious Green Juice.

Now for those of you who don't know what Green Juice is, this entire blog will be a complete waste of time, and ridiculously boring for you. I understand that you also might feel the need to re-evaluate our friendship, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

On the other hand, my Green Juice Clan knows the severity of life without Green Juice. Prior to college, I was on a strict, 1 gallon a day diet. Now to some that may seem like a lie, and too others, quite unhealthy. I confess, I did not drink that much daily, but I did drink a lot of it (Mama Sebu, and various other Sebu's can attest to this claim). Green Juice was more than a drink to me, it was a part of me. It did not only quench my thirst, but also quenched my mind, body, and soul. It was and still is the substance of my well being. As one could predict, I have been going through withdrawal.

It has been a rough time for me and I am a mess without Green Juice. Now in the midst of my plea to be reacquainted with my beloved Green Juice, I have one request. This one request is for you. Not only you who is glued to the screen of your computer when you should probably be doing your homework, but all those inhabitants of God's green Earth. In all actuality this is really only a request to my brother, YaLoic (shout outs to Kickin' it wit' LoLo). After reading your Blog, I came across a line in which you said "Moving along, I might have to make an emergency trip to Buffalo this weekend"(Kickin' it wit' LoLo, lines 5-6). If this holds truth, I ask you, from one man to another, could you bring me some delicious Green Juice? I am not asking for much. Not a gallon. Not a half gallon. Just enough to place a wonderful smile back onto my otherwise depressed and parched face. Can you do that for me? Words would not be able to express the joy I will receive upon viewing and tasting my most cherished Green Juice.

In conclusion, I would like to formally apologize to the innocent eyes out there who were merely doing homework, stalking Facebook and stumbled upon this blog. Quite frankly, I'm sure you feel very betrayed, and insulted that I would steal your time with this Ode to Green Juice, and add fuel to the fire called Procrastination. My dearest apologies. Until next time...Party in the U.S.A.

Long Live The Prince

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