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On The Eve of Appreciation

Updated: Jan 1


It is in the air.

As we all know, Valentine's day is tomorrow and we have to do our last minute shopping or last minute ignoring, depending on the circumstances afforded us. 

Either way is okay.  It's just one day.

That being said, there is a lot of love to be dispersed around this time of year.  Love for teddy bears and cards; candy, and chocolates and of course significant others and family.

Among those significant others and family members, the actual feeling of love can be masked by the sheer use of the word.  It is apparent that saying the four letter word can open up several doors, but if the word is hollow, it can become a burden for everyone.

I am not saying that everyone is just saying the word for no reason, I am simply entertaining the possibility of that occurring.

With that in mind, I thought about the one, and the only...Miles.  What better way to explain the world than through the eyes of an wide eyed child.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Miles, he is my 3 year old nephew...the one who terrorizes me on my Snapchat stories.

I thought to myself, " does Miles define love?"

In my eyes, there is no room in his life for anything other than chicken nuggets and Paw Patrol, but I also know that he is becoming more aware of his surroundings.

As I pondered deeper in thought, I asked myself another question.

"Hey, it's me you think the word 'love' or the action is more important in his 3 year old brain?"

It would seem that he is too young to fully grasp the entire concept, but I'd argue that he understands the basic principles that we all experience.  It is safe to say that he can associate the word with some form of affection.

For example, if he gives his sister a hug, he can say that he loves her.  On the contrary, if she has made him upset, that would not be a word he was pressed to use.  There is clearly a connection being made.

He and many other people can feel when love is genuine.  Obviously when dishonesty, and deceit are thrown into the equation, the conversation varies. In layman's terms, if you show true love, it will be felt, and the word will make sense.

Building off that, consistency coupled with words and actions makes the emotion true. 

One without the other is not authentic and cannot survive. Once there is an imbalance, stimulation will cease and the emotion will be lost until readjusted or rebuilt completely.

On a broader scale, if someone is not showing love for 364 days (365 on leap years), February 14th will be an outlier that doesn't coincide with the consistency of poor treatment; furthermore, isn't enough.  I'm just not convinced that any teddy bear is that strong.

Am I anti-Valentine's Day?

Not entirely.  If you choose to celebrate it, do just so, just make sure it isn't the only day you're showing appreciation.  If you don't celebrate it.....

Just make sure you're still showing appreciation.  It goes along way. 

Enjoy your Valentine's day, and everyday before and after it.

One Love.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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