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Pad & Paper Series

As I rummaged through different thoughts, pieces, and writings that had no homes...

I decided to create the "Pad & Paper Series".

In case you missed the first line of this post, the Pad & Paper Series will be comprised of the audio versions of different thoughts, pieces, and writings that had no place to call home for general public consumption. 

These will be released from time to time.  There are no specifics dates to look out for, but naturally, I will be sure to let you know. 

Any time I think of anything, I separate the thoughts into their proper placement, and see which outlet is best suited for their release.  Some thoughts are posts, some are videos, some are podcast episodes...

The members of this group are, as Malcolm Gladwell would call them, The Outliers.

Although I am not entirely sure if the term 'outliers' is used in the correct context when describing this group, just know that they are the ones that appear to be out of sequence, and living on the edge, yet still can serve as a useful source of insight.

In conclusion, they are coming soon...very, very soon and I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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