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PJ Experience

Updated: Jan 1

Track and Field has become a pretty large part of my life. Aside from classes, most of my time is spent under what I like to call the "Papa Jenkins Experience". Prior to college, I only knew as much as my brother told me (former Jumper at UB...YouTube him). I met Papa J as a Junior in high school, but it did not compare to being one of his pupils. I had no idea how remarkable the real deal was. Under the direction of Papa J, I've learned so much about life. I've learned to stay relaxed as well as to take care of business in the classroom. These are attributes that I will carry with me for a lifetime. I've encountered a lot of freshmen who don't live by these standards, along with many upperclassmen. They're killin' me. Can I blame them? No I cannot, because some haven't been blessed to meet such a splendid individual. But I will blame them anyways, cause unlike Akon, you cannot put the blame on me. With Papa J as one of my tag-team partners, I don't have to worry about anything (enemies, violence, the Beach), and I believe I can conquer college, one semester at a time.

Papa Jenkins says it right

Always rep the Blue and White

Long Live The Prince

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