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Pull Up to the Scene with my Ceiling Missing

I learned this was my fate at the age of 11.

I was in the middle of my annual back-to-school haircut, when a man in his mid-20's came into the shop to cause trouble.

I say cause trouble because he did not stay long, or get his haircut...

He walked in, said a few hellos, then vanished.

Right before he vanished, he came up to the man who was cutting my hair, they spoke, and after he looked at me with a puzzled stare.

He backed up to make sure that I knew he was trying to get my attention.

I looked up at him, and he said, in a confident and matter-of-fact fashion, "Oh no...he's not going to have that hairline very can already see the Batman symbol in there".

Before I could jump up and challenge him to a duel, he was outside of the shop and on his way to another barbershop to probably ruin another child's day.

When I returned home, I went to the bathroom and took a good hard look into the mirror.  I had some self-talk to do.

"Hey Rich,...that man at the barbershop wasn't lying.  It is a little thin up there...", I said, while I gazed in the mirror to see that Batman symbol.

I couldn't even be mad at that man.  His foresight was spot on...

My hair was racing to the back of my head, and that was that.

My animosity towards him was short lived, as I appreciated this new-found clarity.

Also at that time, Michael Jordan and Stone Cold Steve Austin were still regulars on TV; bald headed as can be and they seemed to be doing just fine.

Not to say I was totally okay with it, but at least I saw representation in two fields I anticipated pursuing.

I'm still working on the professional wrestling field, but I digress...

As I sit and feel the follicles dropping one by one from the top of my head, and I feel the breeze cool my mind, I have a calming appreciation for aging.

Sure, my hairstyle options have decreased dramatically, but there's more to life than just some hairstyles...

That's what you say when you don't have hairstyle options.

Anyways, acknowledging the inevitable truth so many years back gives me a perspective to share with the thinning hair youth, trying to deny what we all know is coming.

If you are a good person, work hard, and respect others, things will work out for you and grow exponentially.

Not the hair...that's not coming back anytime soon, but life will be alright.

And if it is that troubling to you...there are weaves, paints, and other chemical illusions on the market now to try out.  I don't judge...

But you can count me out on that one.

So, for all my thinning hair brethren, I come to you in solidarity.  Who will be the first to lose it all?  Let the best man win.

And to my full head of hair brethren...

Enjoy that hair for the both of us.  We salute you.

Slightly sarcastically, but a salute nonetheless.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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