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Put The Knowledge Where My Eyes Can See

Updated: Jan 1

Good evening friends,

I spent a portion of this morning surfing the web and came across some interesting videos on my twitter feed that had me thinking.

To paraphrase the great Christopher Wallace, "if you don't know", now we know.

I say these because there is nothing more excruciating to watch then someone trying to convince others of something they know nothing about. The only convincing being done for us listeners, is that you are unaware of whatever it is you are rambling about.  It is never wrong to not know.  We are all humans, and none of us know everything.

But to try to paint a picture as if everyone in the room is not competent enough to recognize your clear lack of thorough understanding, can become quite comical when the pressure rises.

Now, I will be the first to say that I don't know everything, but I do know some.  With that, I make sure to only lead or participate in the conversations that I have some background knowledge on, and leave the experts to the conversations I don't know much about.  In letting them speak, I get an opportunity to listen to what they are saying, analyze their positions and one day, possibly join their conversations with some opinions of my own.  On the contrary to speak, simply to hear myself speak, would not be conducive to any audience, and quite frankly diminishes any credibility I may have.

The increase of information/experience will help your proficiency in said topic.

Otherwise, do like I do when my nephew talks to me about Paw Patrol...just listen.  Or if my niece is yelling in a language that only she understands...just listen.  It doesn't serve any good to try to please someone with vague, blanket statements.  Just be honest.  Let them know you are unsure.  In the case of my nephew, he will comply and educate you on Chase, Ryder, Marshall, and all the other Paw well as every other TV show that he watches, that you did not ask about.  Just be patient, this too shall pass.

In the case of my niece when she's yelling...if you are unsure as to why, you better find out.

Furthermore, make an effort to take that extra second to do the research on a topic before you dive in to some type of discussion.  It doesn't hurt to learn more.   Reaching out for more information in time of need is great, regardless of what they told you.  'They' being whoever told you that you know everything.  'They' can be a friend, or even yourself.  You don't know everything and never will.  The good news is neither do I, or anyone else on the planet.  You are not alone.

If you don't know, you don't know.  Just ask, and that is okay.

So my friends, go out and ask a question today. See what you can learn.  And please, please, PLEASE, don't have us hearing you dance around the questions. It's never a good look.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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