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Updated: Jan 1

It is official. After years of bickering and battling, the ultimate test of manhood has finally been confirmed. In the Summer of 2010, at the Golden Bears Dick Hoover Stadium in Vestal NY, I will be participating in the race of my life. I will be taking on the often imitated, never duplicated...King.

For those who don't know, that is my arch nemesis, Loic. Since birth, I have been fighting off SEBU's to become the Greatest SEBU of All Time. I have battled the best of the best, only to be stop just short of the Number 1 spot. Yes, you guessed it. Loic has it. He has finally agreed to give me my chance to shine. His mistake, not mine.

Second place is the first loser and for 18 years, I have only tasted the sweet flavor of victory once. While helping my sister babysit a few summers back, I found myself spending more time in the babysitee's (not a real word) pool than anywhere else. It wasn't for my recreation or amusement, it was my boot camp. I trained hours upon hours, working on my stroke, perfecting my Michael Phelps form, and mastering the art of swimming. All of which paid off that same summer, when I demolished my enemy and became the fastest SEBU in water. I need that flavor back!

After years of living under The King's shadow, losing has become way of life. Not only do I lose physically, I have lost my identity. Instead of being addressed as "Richie", I am now known as "Loic's brother". If that is too long for someone to say, I am just called "Loic".

I answer to "Loic", and I've had it!

Now is the real test. We are taking it to the track. The original Olympic game. No gimmicks, no excuses, just racing.

What most likely will be the slowest 100 and 200 meter dashes to date for you viewers, is the most important race of my life. I could win Gold in the Olympics (hypothetically speaking of course), beating the likes of Usain Bolt, and Tyson Gay and would not even be close to as satisfied as I will be when I defeat the King.

This is more than a race to me. This is destiny. Losing is not an option, better yet, only a figment of my brother's imagination.

Hopefully I didn't bore you too much, and you may be interested to watch this epic race. Please leave thoughts, feelings, or emotions at your own discretion here or on my Facebook. All of your opinions are accepted. (Statements against me will leave you subject to harsh consequence.)

Summer 2010... World War SEBU

Until next time....We are all Witnesses

Long Live The Prince

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