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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Updated: Jan 1

In recent years, I have noticed that Domino's Pizza Parlor has been receiving a lot of flack for its "sub par" pizza. Now I am not a pizza expert, but I know what I like. Quite frankly, there are very few pizza's that actually taste different for me. In other words, all pizza tastes the same to me. As long as it has a hearty crust (essential for an enjoyable pizza-eating experience as it serves multiple purposes, but primarily a delectable, editable handle), some fine cheese, and a dash of sauce with no unidentified leaves or spices, I will most certainly enjoy it.

Let's recap.

At this point, all you know is that I have very minimal or non functioning taste buds when it comes to pizza (or any food for that matter due to The Pursuit of 170). That is a perfectly normal assessment based on the information I have given you, but this is much deeper than that. Roughly 20 minutes ago, I embarked on what quite possibly could be the most delicious adventure of my life.

Reverting back to the Domino's reference would be a wise thing to do at the moment, so join me as we rewind the tape. As I said, Domino's Pizza seems to be falling in the pizza industry. But when my stomach was rumbling and that was the only place I knew where I could order food online (extremely lazy), it simply didn't matter. I wanted food and I wanted it soon. I proceeded to log onto the website and filed in all the information necessary. I then clicked "Build your Order". I felted so empowered with this newly acquired freedom. I knew things would only go up after this, and as expected, I was so correct. I came across the options of Cheese Pizza, with my favorite sauce (Barbecue), and my favorite meat (Bacon), coupled with my favorite soda (Root Beer). I assumed that 3 of my favorite things with Pizza could do no wrong. Naturally I confirmed the order and waited patiently.

"Hello. This is Domino's. We have your order." That is a direct quote from the delivery man. I rushed to the spot, got the goods, and rushed back to my room to indulge.

Now I could go on for days about how delicious the meal actually was, but there would not be enough paper to properly depict the burst of flavor in each bite. If that wasn't good enough, the ice cold Root Beer set me on a natural high that can't be explained. I looked at the pizza closely for confirmation as I didn't think it was real. There was no way something this wonderful could land in my hands. I had found the pot of gold, better yet, the cardboard box with BBQ and Bacon pizza in it. I know I am quite the extraordinary gentleman, but a gift of this caliber is one I did not deserve. In the spirit of good gift-receiving, I obviously gobbled up the entire pizza and never looked back. I even contemplated sending Domino's a thank you card, but decided against it because I think I would lose all creditability as a human. If they 'deliver' (pun intended) like this again, I may not have any choice but to do so. As it stands today, Domino's has catapulted its way into my heart and a top the pizza industry. No parlor has ever satisfied me like the delicious BBQ and Bacon pizza at Domino's. For that, I commend you Domino's Pizza and would like to personally invite you to The Prince's Suite at any given time. That being said, the only binding stipulation to that invitation clearly is that the BBQ and Bacon pizza must venture with you. Thank you for making my night that much better. You will be rewarded.

If you had made it this far in my monologue and enjoyed it, I appreciate your dedication and understanding. On the contrary, if you were disappointed, well than that's an issue you'll have to take up with a Club SEBU supervisor who is willing to listen. Since I am the sole Club SEBU supervisor (along with every other official position), I have no answers for you at the moment as it is past my office hours. Also, my policy regarding those of you who do not like my posts, as stated in my Hater's Disclaimer given out on the first day of Club SEBU, remains the same. Basically don't waste your time, or more importantly, mine. I hope that wasn't too harsh.

I hope this helped at least one of you little monsters who are currently looking for a fantastic midnight snack. I do this for you. In the mean time, I need to get my beauty rest and so do you. Thank you for staying at The Prince's Suite. Until next time nothing's lovelier than you.

Long Live The Prince

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