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Stuck in the Snow

Updated: Jan 1

I hate that I have to revisit this topic, but some things cannot be avoided.

Now that we have all emerged from the wrath of our latest snowstorm, apparently named Stella, I figured it's a nice time to get the groove back.

If you remember The Snow Is Way Too High, You Need To Cut It ...I have a passionate disdain for snow; so these last two days have been interesting to say the least.

For our visual readers...

My vehicle was somewhere in there, and I couldn't help but feel bad for it. 

Obviously, it does not have human emotion, but the idea of being stuck in the snow for two days is a recurring nightmare of mine, so I can empathize.

That being said, I still waited for Stella to go home, before I went outside to rescue my friend.

When the time came to begin shoveling, I had plenty of time to personify the last two days that the vehicle experienced. 

Disclaimer...Personification is a favorite past time of mine, and it enhances my storytelling.  Feel free to place judgement.  It won't change how I feel, but I will understand your position.

Furthermore, this episode of personification was actually quite simple for me, as the correlations between the car and real life were quite vivid.

As I chipped away at the snow, I realized that it was no different from chipping away at life. 

For instances...say you have several assignments, a test, and a quiz all conveniently scheduled on the same date.

The car is to snow, as you are to the assignments/test/quiz....

A little SAT prep for our high school readers...or refresher for those of you who miss preparing for the SATs.

That being said, often times we'll find ourselves in predicaments where there seems to be more on our desk than we can handle.  In those times, it also may seem like the 'snow' just keeps piling on. 

The only way out, is out....and that is not a typo.

Even if it is piece by piece, assignment by assignment, or snow boulder by snow boulder...the process begins with forward progress.  Don't forget it.

Sometimes you'll be alone in your efforts, but don't be discouraged.  All the work that is being put in will pay off.  It most likely won't pay off immediately, but the sweat equity deposited multiplies into lucrative self investment.  Interest included.

To further dissect the correlation, there is always help.  The vehicle was not going to shovel itself out of the snow (for obvious reasons) and that's where I came into the picture.  Help is always available, you just need to ask.  Whether a family member, friend, or Club SEBU.  We are here to serve.

If you are thinking "Well the vehicle didn't ask you for help, do you explain that?"...just know that you are not a car, and we have the ability to ask, so just ask.  I believe in you.

If you were not thinking about that last question at you all know what question I was asking myself during the editing process.  I apologize.

All in all, there will be colder days.  There will be days where it feels as though we are frozen in the same position for far longer than we would like to be. Those are the days where we find out what we are made of.

Embrace those days, and do what is necessary to keep moving.  Call a friend who you can be real with, and laugh with them. Devise a plan of action, and proceed to start chipping away.

When it gets colder and the snow gets deeper, throw a sweater on, grab a shovel, and begin digging.  Yes, your back may be a little sore but always remember, bend with your knees, not with your back.  Establish the foundation, and take care of the little things.

The big things will take care of themselves.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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