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Substantial Dialogue

Updated: Jan 1

They've gotten stronger...and they talk a lot more too.

For those of you who do not know, these two are my niece and nephew, and this is how we interact. 

It always starts with one of them doing something, and the other one following. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To add to the dynamic duos ability to control the room, these interactions always include a lot of talking, and believe it or not, most of it is not coming from me.

Partially due to the fact that I've realized that together, they are just too powerful.

My nephew is now speaking, and my niece is on the brink of doing the same.  Whether it's telling everyone a story, or just making sounds and grunting, respectively they are both constantly exploring language.

Although often difficult to distinguish, they both mean what they say and should be taken seriously. 

Obviously there will be conversations that we have that are not going to remain on the top of our 'revisit' list due to a perceived lack of substance, but that initial dialogue they share means more to them than we know.

Even if no substantial dialogue was shared... 

Which poses another is substantial dialogue defined?

If by definition, a 'substantial dialogue' between you and anyone is only based off of what you can take from it, you may run into a world where you are always searching for 'what's in it for you', and in turn, you may miss the beauty of simplicity that comes from listening.

If someone is speaking with you, chances are it is because they want to; making the sheer conversation substantial to them, even if it may not hold the same importance to you.

Furthermore, in listening, you can gain something that is as valuable as anything on the 

Don't abuse it.

Circling back to the original question...with a slight adjustment in how we define 'substantial dialogue', we can find that every conversation is worth while. 

Not to say that every conversation will be our favorite, or in the case of my niece, audible; just listen anyways.  Don't always be in such a rush to respond.  Sometimes just letting someone speak is the best remedy for anything they may be going through, and coming to you is a place where they feel safe. 

Take pride in that.

In conclusion, I'm sure as my niece and nephew grow, there will be more things that I hear and more stories for me to share.  In the mean time, I am certain that someone will say something to you or me between now and then, so let's do ourselves a favor and just listen to listen. 

I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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