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That's a Great Question

There's no such thing as a dumb question.

Or is there?

That's a great question.

I do enjoy the freedom of asking any questions that I would like to ask, but when on the outside looking in, it is terribly annoying.

I was a fly on the wall of a conversation, and heard "that's a great question" at least 40 times and thought to myself ..."We must not be hearing the same questions...", because there was no way that all of them were even 'good', let alone 'great' questions.

Hearing people say "that's a great question" for everything cannot be real.

When I was in school, sometimes I would intentionally ask stupid questions, just to hear if teachers would say "that's a great question".  It was a research experiment that I was conducting for my own entertainment.

Did it work?

That's a great question.

Sometimes it did.

What I found out though, was when my shameless attempts to be funny were identified and the authenticity of my questions were challenged, not only was I embarrassed, but actual learning took place.

I applaud those teachers for keeping it real.

I'd never discourage questions, but there are questions that I will be less likely to give a serious response to.

If met with an intentionally bogus question, I will respond with sarcasm, and I will try to spin you the same way you are trying to spin me.

All questions are great questions, if the person asking genuinely doesn't know the answer.

On the contrary, I knew every time I was priming a ridiculous questions, and always laughed to myself when I heard "that's a great question."

Just a little warning...Watch out for the trap.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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