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The End of an Era

Updated: Jan 1

And in a blink of an eye it is all over.

If you're thinking Club SEBU is making its departure, think again. 10 years from now we'll still be on top. As much as I would hate to hurt DJ Khaled's feelings (note sarcasm), we are indefinitely the best. The Era that I speak of is the one and only Summer 2010.

For those who do not know, I am currently back in Buffalo for another fun filled year of studying and doing my own laundry. It seems as though I never even returned home for summer vacation considering how quickly it went by. Furthermore, there is nothing I can do at this point to bring summer back so I might as well move on. Since you are probably eager for some more Blog, I feel it is necessary to pay homage to the late Summer 2010, by recapping some major events that I encountered.

First and foremost, I owe the Blogworld an immense apology. At this point you are probably wondering why I must apologize since I rarely make mistakes, but I stand here in my dorm room like a man and admit to all that I, Prince Sebuharara, indeed messed up. What is it that I am apologizing for you ask? As many of you may have assumed, the ESPY nominated (Best Sports Moment of the Year), highly anticipated, SEBU-lympics never occurred this summer. Despite my constant jawwing and Don King-esque promoting, my arch nemesis Loic and I just could not find the time between work, lifting and basketball to participate in either of the races. I understand that a lot of little monsters are quite upset and I sincerely apologize for that. I would also like to apologize to my arch nemesis for not smacking him into reality after I demolished him in both races and abolished his running career. Unfortunately he will have to continue on a little longer actually believing he can beat me. In due time he will learn. I do not want to make the same mistake as last year, but something tells me that this chapter of my life is far from ended. Be on the look out, because the Saga of The SEBU-lympics certainly continues.

On to some other business.

The Pursuit of 170 lbs. This phrase was the motive of my entire summer and could have very well defined how I lived my life for the last 3 months. When I left Buffalo, I weighed a modest 160 lbs, and before I traveled back, I wanted to weigh in at 170 lbs so that I can finally break free from the ridiculous claim that I am skinny. If I saw 170 lbs on the scale, then people would be forced to believe me when I would say I am 'The Baddest Man on the Planet' (after Iron Mike Tyson of course). 170 lbs would allow me to achieve my goals such as beating my brother in Xbox 360, fighting crime in the wilderness (Bears, Foxes, etc), and taking over the World. So, after a long and strenuous summer, I stepped onto the scale and this is what I read. Drum roll please. 162 lbs. Failure. It seems as though whatever amount of food I ate, I continually lost weight. I could not believe my eyes and quite frankly could not believe the scale. A few minutes later, once I woke up from passing out, I realized something. My weight is not what is holding me back from accomplishing those prior goals. Like a Lion, I am already King of the jungle and I can probably achieve them now with the right focus, determination, and a sprinkle of luck. In conclusion, like age, weight is nothing but a number. In retrospect, I will still be in the Pursuit of 170 lbs because my pride will not let me lose this battle. In the mean time, stay tuned as I will most definitely keep the world 'posted' (pun intended) on my weight gain, or better yet loss.

Now what would summer be without basketball? As you already know from prior posts, I am an active member of M2 Basketball. This is the only team I pledge allegiance to. We are an army of men who slowly but surely are protecting the game of basketball. Our teams win/loss record may not have been great but I certainly had fun with my M2 brethren through thick and thin. I'd tell you our record, but I don't feel it is that important at this point and time. There is a far more important statement I must reiterate from an earlier post. Be aware that M2 (along side Team SEBU and Nets Nation) will be making a huge impact in the coming years. You heard it here first, and don't try to take credit for it.

If you were wondering, we played 9 games. You can talk amongst yourselves to determine how many we won and lost. I'll never tell.

Well my eyeballs are becoming a tad strained and I am feeling a little tired. Hopefully as the semester starts, stories will begin to flow in, giving me a surplus of writing material to keep all my little monsters sufficiently occupied while procrastinating. It is my duty to do so. To quote the King himself, LeBron James (not you Joe Mexico), "Don't think for one min that I haven't been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!" (Twitter). I am indeed taking mental notes, but to those of you who are showing love and support (this one includes you Joe Mexico). I bid farewell and until next time all I do is win, win, matter what.

Long Live The Prince

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