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The Locker Room

Updated: Jan 1

The Locker Room is one of the most important things in an athlete's life. A lot of time is spent in them so as an athlete I have become quite attached. I have been in many locker rooms but I have taken an extreme liking to my Track and Field one.

From 7th to 12th grade, I used the same locker in our high school track and field locker room. As a miniature Loic (he was in 12th grade while I was a 7th grader), I fought off his senior friends for this locker. Day in and day out, I made it very evident that my locker was MINE and absolutely no one was taking it from me. It was wonderful. It was my sanctuary and I was ready to go to war for it. I had all my spikes, a couple track bags, and anything else I needed for meets and practices. It was my home away from home. When I entered college, I was very excited to see my locker room so I could bond and become one with it.

Just my luck. There is no such thing as a locker room here at school unless your sport is Basketball, or Football.

This is my fair warning. Stay out of the "Track and Field" locker room!

First and foremost, it is not an exclusive locker room like previous teams mentioned. Our locker room is a public one. In layman's term everyone in the world is allowed in.

Viewer's Discretion advised.

I am not a greedy person at heart, but I find it a little unfair that while the other sports share their locker room with their teammates, we are forced to share ours with an influx of elder men who just happen to enjoy their bodies a little too much. When I say this, it means they feel that clothes is only necessary outside of the locker room. Furthermore, as they walk into the locker room, they leave their clothes at the door. Once they are in the "Track and Field" locker room, they always feel the need to talk to you about anything and everything...still without clothes. If there is one thing more uncomfortable than changing in front of random men, it is changing in front of them while they talk to you...still clothes-less.

I am sorry if I have put any disturbing images into your mind, but this is the grave reality that I have to deal with. Life is rough. Hopefully an actually locker room is in our near future. If not, I will just have to continue wearing spandex, everyday underneath my outfits.

I also apologize for the grotesque depiction of the Track and Field locker room, but as promised in the title of these Blogs, Club SEBU is the Chronicles of my life in Buffalo. Raw and uncut. Until next time my little monsters, show me your teeth.

Long Live The Prince

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