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There is Always Chapstik in my Sock

Updated: Jan 1

This isn't entirely true.  I'd hate to start off with such as disappointing contradiction, but lend me an ear as I work to right my wrongs.

When I was a young warthog, (Pumba, Line 13, Hakuna Matata. 1994), around my middle school years, I used to play a lot basketball at a park right by my house.  I would simply grab my belongings, and begin the treacherous 5 minute walk of solitude to the courts.  It was important that I had all the essentials, because these sessions were paramount in my efforts to reach my basketball goal. 

One singular goal that is, which simply was to shave down the consistent 21 point losses that I endured  at the hands of my brother in our 1 on 1 battles. Considering games were to 21, and I was beginning to lose sleep after years of humiliating defeat, this was the only thing that mattered at the time, but I digress.

As for the essentials, I always made sure my mind was right, first and foremost.  I couldn't afford to be wasting valuable time.  Then, I would have a bag, that usually contained some type of food, in case I stayed there too late and needed to re-energize.

No food ever made it passed the 5 minute walk.

There usually was a music source, maybe an extra shirt, and most importantly, Chapstik that I would protect in my pocket.

My affinity for Chapstik started around those same middle school years.  I believe it was my one of my sisters who introduced me to the wonderful world of Chapstik.  If my memory serves me correctly, which it occasionally does, it was a long December, and there was reason to believe that I was not properly moisturizing my lips, as they were always severely chapped.  My sister said "this needs to stop". I thank you for that.  I needed the direction. After doing my due diligence, and assuring this was not lip gloss or lip stick, I began to cherish Chapstik.  My life hasn't been the same since.

I apologize for yet another sidetracked story, but follow me as we head back to the summer courts.

So now that we are back at the courts, it was time to sharpen my skills.  I would work tirelessly; stopping frequently for water breaks and buzzer beaters.  The sun would beam against my alien head.  I loved my time there, and all of the wins I was collecting.  Once I was hungry again and realized my snack was already gone, I would head back home to replenish.  Once I would take a seat upon entering the home, it was then when I would realize that my Chapstik must have fallen out of my pocket while training, and that I may have to go back to a chapped lip lifestyle that I was no longer accustomed to.  Given that I was not employed at the time, and had no reliable means of transportation to call my own, stress ensued.

I had to be proactive.  I thought long and hard.  I looked down at my feet, as if they were the cause of this tragedy, and it hit me. First, I could not blame someone else for this problem.  I must take accountability for losing my belongings.

And second...

My socks.  I will put my Chapstik in my socks.

I would never have to worry about losing Chapstik again.  I could run, jump, defend, whatever and my Chapstik would be secure.  This habit has continued on even until this day, and has been amazing.  I no longer worry about my pre-Chapstik life, because I have taken matters into my own hands and will not allow it.

Now, obviously, when I have jeans, or a pair of slacks with pocket that can protect my dear friend, I just use them.  Furthermore, in situations where there is a high risk to drop my Chapstik without even knowing...sock it is.

As I look outside and see how much Chapstik the roads need in these winter months, I empathize with them.  No one wants to have chapped lips.  These things are out of our control.  That being said, we can control how we treat them.  We can make sure that we have a Chapstik or a lip balm, and find ways not to lose them.  We are the drivers of this Unchapped America.

And just think about it, the roads have to wait for an entire season change before they can address this issue.

Well there you have it.  I hope there is now a rhyme to the reason for those of you who may have questioned why I do this.  I have accepted the fact that most of you were not even curious but was compelled to share anyways.  I hope you were able to take something from this.  If nothing else, just remember to grab some Chapstik during these winter months.  Tell them Richie sent you...

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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