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This is 50

This is our 50th post and it is nice to reach this milestone.

We appreciate your viewership.

As a token of our appreciation here at Club SEBU, we have decided to run down all of the previous posts, providing a brief summary containing the focal points of each.

I am going to try to keep each synopsis to only one sentence, but forgive me when I likely go over that quota.

I have a tendency to over explain...

I also hyperlinked each post so if you are like me and have forgotten what each title means, you have the luxury of refreshing your memory with a simple click of a button...

Without further ado, I present to you This is 50.


I returned back from a very long hiatus; only to share long-winded stories that make me laugh more than they make anyone else laugh.

This is all of the old blog posts from the college version of the Club SEBU blog; raw and unfiltered.  Forgive me and my youthful ways...

I still cannot stand the dog filter on Snapchat...

Yeah...about that bad.

 Although a great friend, Simba may never be able to hold a quality conversation.

It's still there..only when I don't have pockets to protect it with.

It's better to know where your wallet is than to let someone take it right out of your hands...or your unattended book bag.


It is somewhere on a television set that was designed to make the viewer believe that they can recreate the same activities at home...

Do not underestimate the importance of knowing information before speaking on it...or you can underestimate it and I promise I will enjoy it thoroughly.

I always knew he was fictional character...

It will need to be shoveled whether you like it or not.

Obviously just a hypothetical question...right?

Still haven't heard from them.

The first step is accepting...

How about nothing...thanks for the uncomfortable and disappointing laughs though.

Flowers must be watered routinely or they will not survive, which is particularly identical to relationships.

Tears will flow, but please do not go...home that is...because that's a bad habit.

19. Sprite

Oh how I wish this post was about the drink...

My baseball career is a little better than you might expect, but I'm probably over-exaggerating. 

I have no intentions to let my groceries end up on your receipt.

6 years too long...

So thrilled that I got to relive this 'amazing' memory thrilled.

Just a dog and his friend...

I still don't like the snow...


If you listen, you will know...if you don't listen, they will still appreciate you pretending to...

Put it down for a second, maybe.

The one with answers after all.

I think I'm going to post a new one some time this week.  It has been a while.

Thank you Outkast for asking me this question back in 2003...

Take that responsibility once and a while.  You might like it...

Not all time away is created equally, therefore embrace every second of it and make it count.

Never solved anything.

You know when you get hit in the nose, and your eyes start to water up a little bit...?

Go see War for the Planet of the Apes.

The elephant did not choose to be inside of any rooms.

TV dinners really have some explaining to do...

Respect the honesty.

I was probably better off recognizing that I couldn't jump as high as he could...

Patience is forever a virtue.

Indeed it is...

42. GPS

I'd be lying if I said I got any better at finding my car in the parking lots...

I'd be lying if I said I want to ref any basketball games ever again...

I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy getting those telemarketing calls every once in a while.

So much oxygen to take in from these trees...

100 years in the future seems more realistic in my mind.

Just eat the food...they will see you eat eventually anyways. 

Richie - 0...Group of kids Richie naively challenged - 1

Make it last longer than a couple months...or make it last the entire time.

And last but not least...

50. This is 50

I don't think I really have to hyperlink this or give a description do I?


Here's to 50 more.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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