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This Is It

Updated: Jan 1

For the most part, college has been kind to me. On some occasions, it frustrates me (homework, exams, cold showers, sub-par food) but nothing The Prince can't handle.

This weekend, college dropped its gloves and tried to knock me out like Pacquiao did Cotto. Thankfully I am quick with the hands, and watch a lot of WWE (shout outs to Vince McMahon), so I knew how to counter.

It all started with my brother coming up on Saturday. In anticipation of his arrival, more so the arrival of my beloved Green Juice (see Ode to Green Juice), I became very anxious. I received a text message. It was my Green Juice Dealer. I smiled and raced down ten flights of stairs via elevator. I bombarded through the door and saw paradise. We briefly discussed how skinny we both were, and yet how we are both still heavyweights (that's just what G's do). We then proceeded to my room. My brother made himself comfortable as I prepared my taste buds for the exquisite savor of Green Juice.

This is it.


He had forgotten.

Words could not express the sudden mood swing I experienced. I became violent and belligerent. I felt betrayed. How could my brother forget the one and only beverage to ever steal my heart? Could I ever love again? Never.

Now obviously that was the worst of my weekend, but college had one more big punch to throw at me. Class registration. Now I won't take you through the entire adventure, because it has been 24 hours and I have not slept. Quite frankly, my fingers are too tired to type the whole process. Not only did I have that to worry about, it was time for laundry. Approximately 4 am. (I usually do laundry at 10pm.*note sarcasm*)

I gathered my laundry and headed to the home of dirty undergarments, and unbearable heat. On the way, there was a bizarre liquid roaming the elevator floor. Fortunately for me, I was awake enough to avoid stepping in it. Apparently a 27 second elevator ride can make you pretty tired, because I was not awake enough to avoid the sticky substance sitting outside the elevator door, waiting for my size 10.5 moccasins.

In all the grim and darkness of the night, there was one brief sight of life. When I entered the laundry room, to my complete surprise, someone else came down to do laundry. He had a different technique to doing his laundry, one that I think only few are familiar with. He was laying on the laundry room sofa, face down, passed out. He had no detergent, no dryer sheets, no dirty clothes for that matter. It was interesting to see. He was doing his laundry without any of the necessary utensils, and absolutely no effort at all. I became terribly jealous as I carried a hefty laundry basket of smelly clothes. Anyway, after I put my clothes into the washers, I walked out only to find that my laundry-"mate" (no pun intended) had taken up a new approach, and moved from the comfortable, yet dirty sofa, to the grimy, even dirtier, probably sticky laundry room floor. It then occurred to me that not only did he make some more dirty clothes for his laundry load, he had also been sleeping this entire time after a long night of "studying". I offered him a Brisk Iced Tea, but then drank it myself and left.

Between numerous trips to the Laundry room, the sun decided to come visit. I was a little angry because I had yet to sleep and the sun was already waking me up. At this point I was too tired to even care or complain. You can never trust Mother Nature.

After finishing registration, and laundry at roughly 9 am, I decided that I deserved a nap. I first looked at my Derrick Rose jersey, and gave it a quick hug before I went to bed, as I do every night (shout outs to Lady YaYa), then proceeded to jump into my beds arms. As soon as my precious head hit the pillow, one of my alarms went off. A little upset, I turned it off and went back to work. Another alarm went off. Upset had upgraded to rage, and I violently turned it off. I waited a few seconds, in case another alarm was playing possum, then I went to bed.

Another alarm.

I slowly got up and turned off what was the last alarm. Instead of laying back down, I just sat on my bed and waited. I am not sure what I was waiting for, but I just waited.

Now I sit in Study Table, similar to how I sat on my bed. Sleepless, angry, and waiting. But as I sit here, listening to Michael Jackson, I realize something. I have defeated one of the many unwritten exams of college. College threw a good combination of hooks, and jabs. As the superior fighter, I came out victorious. I am a champion.

I appreciate you wasting your time with me as I waste mine. I am not kicking you out, it is just that the Study Table monitor is turning off all of the lights, and glaring at me. I think he wants me out. Until next time...Boom Boom Pow

Long Live The Prince

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