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Tree Bark

When climbing a tree, I think we can all agree that the worst thing that can happen is starting over.

Usually there is a branch that you are trying to reach and when you lose focus, you may miss a step, take a tumble and be forced to begin again.

The idea is to stay concentrated on the particular goal and trust the training you have done. don't climb trees anymore?

Neither do I...just bare with me for this analogy.

As you make your way up the tree, there's obviously going to be different forms of nature that get in your way.

You'll have branches, leaves, and maybe even animals, but what should always remain constant is the goal...

That is if you still climb trees of course.

The higher the branch, the harder the journey. With that said, the accomplishment will feel much greater once the stars align properly.

No one climbs up small trees because there is not much of a reason to. 

Relatively speaking of course, everyone can reach the branches of small trees so there is no urge to try and scale them.

Furthermore, when going for that branch, just keep climbing.  Embrace the good with the bad. 

The path will be easy at some times and difficult during other times.  Let that path clear as you work diligently. The goal will become more apparent based on how much genuine effort you are putting towards it.

And if it is too challenging and you are considering jumping down to try to climb the next tree...

Just know that no matter which tree you choose, the highest branch will always have the longest, most determined route and it cannot be avoided...

But that route will help shape you, and builds character.

Stay on track...don't worry about the distractions...the branch is only getting closer...

I should probably go back to mowing the lawn now...

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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