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Video Phone

Just a quick thought followed by a quick post...

It's nothing groundbreaking, but more of a continued observation and dialogue of an already discussed situation.

For those of you who may not know, I enjoy telling stories through video making as well.  I am currently in the process of telling a ten episode story in a short series called "The Richie and Simba Show" available on the Club SEBU YouTube Channel... (that is a link, and a shameless plug...indulge and enjoy).

In this story line, viewers see the journey of a dog and his friend trying to coexist for a full day, even though they live two very different lives. 

Given how relevant 'The Pursuit of Coexisting' is in today's social climate, it is rather ironic how this short series came to fruition.

Coincidence?...I digress

I wholeheartedly believe that Simba should be nominated for an Emmy or an Oscar Award, and when I think back to the recording process, it only furthers my declaration for him to receive one. 

He was responsible and accountable, easy to work with, always on time, and at the end of the day, he performed.

But where am I going with this?

At no point during the collective 20 minutes of recording was Simba in any harms way.  In other words, no animals were harmed during the making of this video

Any time that I record him, he's just living life, and I am recording it.  Whether it's on a camcorder, or Snapchat on my phone, there is no strain, just living.

Which brings me to the meat of the conversation.

As anyone scrolls through the internet, it is inevitable that you will come across some videos that are disturbing or gruesome.

The more and more I see them, the more and more I think about why am I seeing them.

I completely understand awareness, and think it is necessary to know what is happening outside of our bubbles, but at the same time, is there a line between awareness and overexposure?

If there is, it seems to be very blurred.

Considering that we have more means to record videos today then ever before, and more outlets to share them; the pools of imagery have grown exponentially, and like anything, there are pros and cons to this mass media explosion.

Sure, it is great to share good times, create awareness for serious issues, and promote positive change, but are any of these reasons valid if used at the expense of someone else?

I can't help but think about someone recording what is deemed a less than ideal circumstance, strictly for exposure, then posting it as "this needs to stop", conveniently negating the fact that had their phone been put away, maybe some form of real action could have taken place.

No, we wouldn't have the video to watch with our friends, but the incident could have been diffused; ultimately creating an environment where 'this' has stopped, or at least is on the right track to being stopped.  Trust the process.

Now, I am not condemning the idea of awareness, or creative expression of real-life scenarios; I am simply acknowledging that some of these real-life visuals are too real for the people being recorded and the last thing that they are looking for at that particular moment is to be 'liked' or 'shared'.

In conclusion, continued expression to all...and continued support for those being expressed.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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