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Vulnerably Addressed

Public speaking has consistently been a fear of many.

Often times we fear speaking because there may be others who are actually listening to what we are saying, and if heard, those words can be forever connected to the speaker; a daunting and typically unfavorable realization we endure.

Words that may be cherished by the speaker, and genuine in their intent may be taken out of context or deemed irrational.

A passionate thought that likely could be influenced by the current climate it is expressed in could come off as 'overly emotional', leading to a lack of confidence in delivery.  Lack of confidence can be magnified when the possible rejection in a rebuttal is acknowledged.

Every word bares a vulnerability of one's mind that we would rather not share at times.

We choose not to share them because they may be a snapshot that could change within an hour, or even within minutes. 

With that, too often we chose silence.

Unfortunately, silence does not fix any faults that may be in place.  Silence does not help to create changes that may be necessary to improve.  Naturally, silence prohibits growth.

Furthermore, silence can amplify a chaotic thought and prolong the arrival of an inevitable breakdown.

There are times when a voice is needed.  These voices do not always need to be verbal, but should still be expressed.

Generating healthy and positive discourse with your voice can help build greater understanding.

Encouraging, promoting, or pleading ignorance to those things that are widely understood as detrimental to advancement is no different than holding a silent word that will only deteriorate the fabric designed to properly protect our skin.

There are times when a moment to think quietly brings clarity and those moments are important.

But like anything else in the world, there are times when a word is needed to wake us back up and realign our priorities, while truly recognizing what situations we may have not have spoken about as intently as we should.

Those unspoken words will forever remain as divisive tools until properly addressed, and honestly interpreted.

There is a responsibility connected to every spoken word; a responsibility that can move mountains.

It does no good pretending that they just disappeared.

Until next time,

Long Live The People

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