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Where is my bed?

Updated: Jan 1

I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat at home, in the Blue Room, listening to my brother tell me how tough college can get. As I sipped on my Green Juice, I listened to him run his mouth while words went in one ear and out the other. He claimed that sometimes "you were just so tired, you fall asleep anywhere. It doesn't matter where." Naturally, I disagreed and told him how I'm not him and I won't do that. All he said was "you'll see."

I was wrong. I said it. I was wrong. Get a good look at it, because I am not wrong often.

Now in the 2 and a half months that I have been here in Buffalo, I have found that just about anything can be considered a bed. With the heavy workload, strenuous track workouts, and multiple other distractions, sometimes I just get tired and want to sleep. I have spent more time sleeping on campus than in my actual bed, which leads me to question where my actual bed is. Since I have fallen asleep so many different places, I have gotten a lot of strange looks. Sleeping in public is a huge risk, but sometimes just cannot be avoided.

Anyone who has been blessed to sleep in the same room as me, better yet the same house, knows that I am a heavy snorer. There has been reports from my neighbors back home about a strange sound coming from a room upstairs, which happens to be mine. At first I denied these claims, and pleaded not guilty. After waking myself up with my own snoring on numerous occasions, I have come to the realization that I could probably wake the dead with my nostrils.

Now that the stage is set, I will perform.

It was the first day that I had to wake up early for track practice and a lift. Considering I finished writing an essay at 2 am that morning and had to be up at 8 am that same morning, I knew I was in for yet another Unwritten College exam. I slugged my way through practice and made my way to class. After what felt like days, I made it to my class with an hour to spare. I thought to myself "Richie, what is something productive you can do for an hour?" I decided it was best if I read some work and got ahead in my class. I went to the common area outside my class, found the closest chair, dropped my book bag, and took a seat.

This was no ordinary seat. There was something different about this seat. I tried to stand up to see what I was really sitting on, but I was stuck. The cushion had wrapped itself around me, just as the blankets of my bed would do. Suddenly I felt welcomed. I put my feet up, let my hair down, and relaxed. I decided that I deserved a little break. Just a short 5 minute nap to rejuvenate my heavyweight body. I began to drift off into a dream-like state but was still aware of what was going on around me. This felt nice. I had made the right decision.

What was originally planned as a 5 minute nap, turned out to be a 45-50 minute sleep.

When I finally woke up shaken, confused, and scared, as anyone who has just fallen asleep in public would do...I was ashamed. I couldn't believe that I let myself fall asleep. Not only that, my brother was right. To add insult to injury, once I regained full consciousness, I noticed that I had quite the audience. Instead of doing the work they should have been doing, their eyes remained glue to my fatigued body. Tupac said it best, all eyez where on me.

Judging by my sleep habits, and the smirks on all the little gremlins faces', I knew I had been snoring. Not just a snore, but an aggressive, violent snore. At this point, I was terribly embarrassed. I was the laughing stock of the Law Library common area. Here I was, with future six figure workers, making an absolute fool out of myself. These people could be my future lawyers, and I was drooling all over my shirt like a child. There is no way they could ever take me seriously. I did the only thing I was permitted to do at this point. I picked up my belongings, and left as if nothing ever happened. As I walked away, I vowed to never sleep in public again. I would not let myself fall into this trap again.

That same day I feel asleep on a 3 minute bus ride to my dorm.

In retrospect, I learned a lot. Above all, I learned that my bed is wherever I want. Through one of the most embarrassing moments of my young college life, I learned that it is okay to sleep. Now, I sleep in the same Law Library common area every Tuesday after practice. No one cares. Well at least I don't think anyone cares. I try to keep the snoring to a minimum, but hey, I can only do so much. Just like all my college battles so far, I have once again left victorious. This was a difficult one as well, but I am no pushover. It is going to take a lot more for college to knock me down for the 10 count.

As usual, I am proud of myself. I did a good job. Whenever I learn something, I feel accomplished. Although I could have learned this over a year ago when my brother insisted that it would happen, but I guess I deserved to learn the hard way for being immature.

Right now, my eyes are burning as much as yours. It has been a pleasure to entertain you (assuming you were entertained), but now it is Beauty Rest time. I don't really need the Beauty Rest, but I like it. Until next time...B-Jentle

Long Live The Prince

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